Monday, March 20, 2023

Book Projects

Friends and colleagues have asked about the book projects on which I'm working during chapter 5 of my career.[1]  Here is the current list (some require access privilege; please write to me with your request.) Some have grown out of the classes I taught during chapter 4, while at UMSI (where available, links to the drafts are included).  Please note that these are works in progress, subject to amendment as I receive feedback and edit.
  1. Letters to a Young Manager (a book of stories with collected wisdom for the new manager, be it project leader, supervisor or department manager) -
  2. We Are Better Together (NetHope Memoir) -
  3. Crisis Informatics Management (from the SI-537 class) -
  4. IT’s About the Conversation (from the SI-627 Class) -
  5. Project Management Proverbs (from discussions with student cohorts working on the Data4Good Center, ) (TBD)
  6. The Consultant Mindset (from SI-345 lectures and Data4Good weekly meetings) (TBD)
  7. Online Team Exercises, or Games Zoomers Play (exercises from my classes) (TBD)
  8. The Soil of Heaven (collection of Lenten and other poems) - and
  9. Experiments in ChatGPT (posing questions to OpenAI's ChatGPT and commenting on some answers) -
If you look at any of these, please leave a comment below, and include suggestions for how they can be better.  Thanks.

[1] See A personal introduction in five chapters

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