Sunday, August 14, 2011

What am I learning today?

I wrote to a friend today about life being about continuously learning. It's not always easy but it's never without its revelations.  I believe in being a perpetual student and am ever amazed about the riches in approaching even something familiar with beginners mind.  I was reminded of this watching a video by three world travelers from Australia.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Tom Peters tells the story about the father of his college girlfriend, excusing himself from the table to study.  "I have homework to do," the accomplished surgeon said.  Thinking he would soon graduate from the nights of homework, Tom was taken aback about the prospect of a lifetime of study.

We have an eLearning platform at the Red Cross and Red Crescent that is growing at a pace of over 2,000 registrants a quarter in more than 150 countries.  And this is happening without any advertising. The hunger to learn is universal.  And that is a hunger with which we all can live.   

My adopted aunt is in her 80's and is always learning something new, whether a master gardening course or something new on the computer.  She recently learned how to use Picasa to share photos.  "You are my hero," I tell her. You are always open to learning and approach everything with a sense of wonder.  I want to make all of my days like that.

Imagine beginning each of our days with a simple question, one of openness and possibility.  It is a question that begins all other questions: What am I learning today?

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