Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Journey Through the Village

Thinking about the "One Village' where all of us can enter into the conversations, from all sides of the digital divide, it's still a distant vision.  At the turn of the year, we may be cognizant of the goal in the distance.  And we press on to reach it even when the climbing is steep and the steps are labored. Yet the view ahead and behind offer many surprises and satisfactions.  If we take the time to stop and see.

I was reminded of this during a recent trip to Taiwan.  Wulai Village is a famed stop for visitors, located in the mountains south of Taipei.  It is a twisty bus ride up the mountain from the last station on the red line train to Xindian.  Here on a crowded main street, the journey begins.

Past the shops and across the river, the climb begins on a gentle paved path, called the Lover's Walk.  It is an apt metaphor for the "honeymoon period" in a new job or project, when aspirations are high and the way is smooth.  But there are precipitous drops and large rocks along the way.

At what seems to be the end of the path, there are steps to climb and a gondola ride to the top.  A brief rest in the journey, waiting for the next leg.

Always gaining altitude, the air is crisper here.
And when what we thought was the summit, there are yet more stairs to climb!

Finally reaching our destination.

And a clear pond, teaming with life.

Looking back, we have come a long, long way.


And so the story: leg-after-leg of the journey, at times exhausting, but turning around, we see how far we've come.

So we who journey the strategic plans in pursuit of our lofty goals, are wise to stop and look back at the vistas.  We have come far; we have accomplished much! As the poet said, "gather ye rosebuds while ye may."

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


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