Monday, January 2, 2023

A Personal Introduction in Five Chapters

My career spans from 1977 to the present day, currently 46 years. I look at the journey in terms of five chapters. I'll talk about that in a second. I spent 13 years on Wall Street, in financial services, 10 years in management consulting, 17 years as CIO for some large international nonprofit organizations, and 5 years teaching in the masters program at a major university. Along the way I co-founded a group called NetHope, which has the IT leaders of over 65 of the largest NGOs as members. You can read more on my LinkedIn page, including articles that I've written and published there. The reason I mention this is not to promote my background, but to invite you to connect with me there.

Part of my job is making connections for good, which is my mission statement. So, connecting with others in my network, and helping make introductions to people and to information is part of what I do. So, take advantage of that. Connect with me on LinkedIn, and as you proceed with your career, and things that you're looking to do in the future, I'm happy to help.

Here’s my journey.  I divide my timeline into five chapters. I already mentioned the first chapter on Wall Street and the second one consulting, global CIO is in the third chapter. I was next teaching at the University of Michigan, which is chapter four. For chapter five, I am living next to a pond in the north where I am writing and advising students and others as a volunteer. NetHope and Save the Children came into play at the beginning of my CIO role in 2000. The International Red Cross began in 2010. And then I joined UMSI in 2017. So, today I am in the midst of my chapter five.  So when I say "chapters," I look at my career through the arc of five chapters as my story.  It also means, that I don't ever retire; I move on to the next chapter. 

"The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent positions, strategies or opinions of any of the organizations with which I am associated."