Saturday, July 9, 2011

Imagine Cup - Keynotes

Last night was the opening ceremony for the Imagine Cup competition. It was a night of memorable speeches, flags waving and arm-pumping cheers--a good foretaste of the main event next Wednesday night.  

We heard keynotes and welcomes from Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO), Jon Perera (Microsoft General Manager of Academic Programs), Aurther Vanderveen (CEO, Office of Innovation, New York City Department of Education),  Jeffrey D. Sachs (Professor at Columbia University), and Dennis Crowley (Foursquare Co-Founder and CEO).

Here are some paraphrases of their remarks.  Can guess which one goes with which speaker?

  • Never have the problems been larger; never has the power of technology in our hands been greater.
  • The three most important things I learned are: ideas matter, find your passion, and be tenacious
  • There is this incredible joy of problem solving
  • Your homework assignment is nothing less than saving the planet
  • Going from success to failure to success to failure teaches you one thing: never give up
  • Your great idea may not be at the right time yet
Drop me a note if you get stuck on this quiz. (The transcripts are here.)  I'm off to hear the first round of student presentations next.  I'm excited and expecting great ideas!

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